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It’s fine in exactly the same way as to how you don’t know why your house doesn’t collapse. You think you know, but ask any construction worker or architect, and you’ll find out that you have no clue what’s keeping your house standing upright for decades on end. …

Humility allows us to listen to people with valid opinions, whether they are in our audience or on our team. The ego is one of the greatest dangers of being an authority figure in the public sphere. If you allow yourself to be guided by your ego, you run the risk of getting too high on your own bullshit.
Compassion is the willingness to act on perceptiveness through love, kindness and active care. Together, perceptiveness and compassion shed light on a public figure’s feelings for other human beings. — Steven Goldstein
Today, it would be hard to find evidence of his efforts…

Creating a user interface for a Python project is seamless with Streamlit, a relatively new browser-based Python framework that lets you elegantly showcase a project without writing any HTML, CSS, or Javascript code.

This child has never gone without. He’s always been fortunate to have everything he needs and wants. We go out of our way to ensure he is happy and has all that he wishes for while also maintaining a sense of balance with not giving him everything. However, he doesn’t seem to care.

Note: If your python dependencies require OS-level packages you may need to add a…

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